By Common Agreement: What Does it Mean?

“By common agreement” is a phrase that we often come across in various contexts. It is frequently used in conversations, business dealings, legal documents, and other forms of communication. The phrase commonly implies that a decision has been made by a group of people who have agreed to it.

The phrase “by common agreement” typically indicates a consensus or a general understanding among a group of individuals on a particular matter. When someone says that something has been decided “by common agreement,” it means all parties involved have reached a mutual understanding or come to a collective decision. The phrase can also refer to something that is universally accepted or agreed upon by a large group.

In legal documents, the phrase “by common agreement” refers to the acceptance of an agreement by all parties involved. It implies that the agreement was reached after a thorough discussion, and all parties have reached an understanding regarding the terms and conditions of the agreement.

In business, “by common agreement” can refer to a decision made by all stakeholders or shareholders. It may mean that everyone has agreed to the terms and conditions of the business deal, and the decision was reached by mutual consent.

In our personal lives, “by common agreement” is often used in casual conversations. For instance, if a group of friends has agreed on a particular movie to watch or a restaurant to visit, they may say that they have decided “by common agreement.”

Overall, the phrase “by common agreement” is used to indicate an agreement reached by consensus or mutual consent. It is commonly used to describe the outcome of discussions, negotiations, or decision-making processes. So, the next time you come across this phrase, you would know what it means.

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